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Jan 21, 2012

Figuring It Out

Over the few years that I've had a "blog" -I loathe the word 'blog,' in any which way that it's used . . . simply not a fan- I have come across many other blogs, which always seem to surround a common theme (e.g., fashion, cooking, or theme-related days). Nevertheless, when it comes to writing, I'm partial to using the thoughts I have, which never seem to revolve around any particular subject.

In 2011, I finally found a way to surround my "posts" within a common theme, however random it might be. This blog is about any way in which I am Sweetly Surprised in life.  Oftentimes, that may simply equate to the effort I try & put forth, in order to find the "good" in the "bad," the "great" within the "good" -the silver lining.

Life hands you endless surprises. The best you can do -with any surprise- is look for the "positive," even if you have to search for it with tears.  

Initially, I began writing about any & all of the truths that I was inspired by -good or bad.  But, in 2011, I also made the decision to try and focus on the positive, especially when it comes to what I write on the Internet.  Even so, I am all about the truth & nothing but the absolute truth. I have been the Truth's greatest follower since I was very, very young -not because my parents preached the importance of telling the truth. It's one thing that's always been instinctual. If you're not a follower, I highly suggest it, for the truth will always show up, even if it's "late." 

With that said, if I'm leaving anything out on this "blog," it's for a multitude of reasons: I'm temporarily without inspiration, although I have promised (myself) to not blame the (Portland) rain, no matter how much I'd like to use it (or the likes) as an excuse; or, I'm saving the "juicy" stuff, a.k.a.heart-wrenching or heart-melting, for the book I am writing.

At the end of the day, one might question the point of writing on a blog, especially if I'm saving the best for the book.  Aside from the fact that the greatest 'love' (currently) in my life is my MacBook, I think it's really important for a writer to practice writing, continuously.  Moreover, I adore the fact that I'm communicating with people, no matter where they are.  But, there's one small answer that belongs within this particular post.

One small answer: If I didn't make it a point to write on this blog, you (the person Googling, although I haven't a clue who you'll turn out to be) would not be so Sweetly Surprised to find a solution to your problem. 

Your problem regards something that sounds a little bit like this: Despite repeated, absolutely frustrating attempts to download anything from the "bundle dvd" that accompanied the Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen & Touch Tablet that you purchased, the application continuously quits unexpectedly. Yes, this post might be random, but if you're the one I happen to be writing for, I have felt your frustrations, & I'm here to let you know that you may bid them adieu.

Perhaps you've called Wacom, only to be told that your hard drive is too full. Thereafter, you may have spent a lot of time erasing all that you could, or transferring anything & everything to an external hard drive. Nonetheless, the Bamboo software will not work, and you're losing faith.  

If you have a MacBook Pro laptop (i.e., Mac OS X), particularly 10.7.2 (i.e., Lion), excellent.  If you don't know what system you're operating under, click on the apple at the top-left corner, and click "About This Mac."  

After Googling for forever, I found the most random, obscure solution within a forum -an answer that Wacom ceased to inform me of.

The solution: Open System Preferences.  Within System Preferences, select Language & Text.  Like me, you may have English as the only language that's selected because it's your primary language -go figure.  Click the Edit List button at the bottom, & select a bunch of languages, namely the ones that look Chinese.  After you've done this, I hope you find yourself happy, for you haven't wasted money on a tool that does not work.

Once having found this solution, I was extremely surprised, baffled, & grateful.  Thereafter, I wondered if this was a law within life -that if you're truly determined, in regards to something you desire, you'll eventually find it.  This brought about mixed emotions, for it doesn't seem all that fair.  After all, shouldn't the solutions (to probable problems) be in bold, or at least within the instructions?  

Life is crazy.  As much as I'd like to be well aware of all probable problems and their solutions, I cannot promise that I'd read life's instruction manual.  Even if I did, I'd probably forget the rules, doing whatever feels right within the given moment. C'est la vie.  

Then again, sometimes . . . well actually, all the time, "time" doesn't really exist because "the moment" is all you have.  And, if you really desire something within that moment, perhaps that is the key to finding it.  In other words, despite the moments that keep passing you by within a timeless period, you've got to keep on trying (within each small moment) because the eventual moment is worth all the small moments that precede it.  . . . Who knows.

At the very least, I hope these words leave you (whoever you turn out to be) with a working Bamboo tablet.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I was one of the people you were writing for.

White List said...

You have got a brilliant blog! Great post too! Very inspired! You're pretty impressive! Looking forward to more posts and have a great week!!! :-) :-) :-)


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